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We are the Knights, Travis and Thanh. A husband and wife cleaning team. Cleaning is something we all need to do, but often dread doing.  We have found this is often the case, because of the time involved.  That's where we come in. Our systematic way of cleaning gets the job done with the results you want, and reliability you can count on.  When we say clean we mean top to bottom remediation of your office. We will personally ensure the quality of our cleaning services. 

Our respective backgrouds in the print industry and nursing field have added to our view of the cleaning industry.  With background as a licensed practical nurse,  the realization came that more is needed than just dirt and garbage removal. For a truly clean environment, germ removal and sanitizing of surfaces are needed. Also supervising a printing crew showed that working as a team leads to better organization and higher productivity.

Our goal is to keep your work environment not just clean, but germ and bacteria free. As a result, it will add to the over all health, happiness, and productivity of your employees, and it will make a great impression on your customers!

Why Us


We provide cleaning solutions and materials:

Simple Green d Pro 3 (Kills a broad spectrum of health hazards including E. coli, AIDS, MRSA,  and more).

Pine sol for the floor kills 99.9% of germs.

100% Ostrich-down  feather duster attracts and holds dust until you shake it free to vacuum up

Micro-fiber cloths trap dust, antigens and bacteria.

Professional vacuum Cleaner clean all floor types. Complete seal technology with HEPA filtration reduces dust and allergens by trapping them inside the vacuum, so they can"t escape back into the air.

Micro-fiber mop heads reaches into surface pores and crevices.

Benefits of outsourcing Cleaning to 2Knights Cleaning Services:

1.   Cost-effective - outsourcing your cleaning will eliminate unecessary expenses such as  cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions, worker's compensation, overhead cost and employee taxes. You can also scale the amount and frequency of cleaning to suit your budget.

2.   Quality of Services - 2Knights Cleaning Services provides proffesionally trained personnel and have quality cleaning equipment and products. Your work places will be kept clean and properly sanitized. Relying on company staff produces inconsistant cleaning.

3.    Security -  We are bonded and insured. We will personally ensure the quality of our services.

4.    Time effective - Allows business owners to grow their business and outshine their competitors.  Allows employees to focus on the work that they are hired to do.  


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2Knights Cleaning Services, LLC

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