5 benefits to a clean office

The Cleanliness of an office is probably the last thing a business owner thinks about. Although it may not seem to be a pressing issue to keep an office clean at all times, it is one of the most basic and important components contributing to a successful business.  Cleanliness is important for a company's brand and client perception and it is a key component in keeping your employees healthy, happy and productive.

    1. A great first impression

A cluttered reception area, dirty bathrooms, hand prints, smudges on glass signals sloppiness and a lack of professionalism that will turn customers away.

A Clean working environment will welcome your customers, generate trust and confidence and it communicates efficiency and attention to details.

    2. Elevate your brand, product and business

Your customers will judge the superiority of your products or services based on the way your office looks and feels.

     3. Promotes physical health to customers and employees

Clutter, disorganization, sticky and slippery floors all present physical hazards that can lead to serious injuries, which leads to lawsuits.

Keeps employees and customers safe, because of fewer hazards.

Reception desk, bathrooms, individual workstations, door knobs, light switches, phones all contains signifigantly more harmful bacteria and germs than the average toilet seat!

Reduced bacteria growth which will reduce sick days.

      4. Promotes Mental Health to employees

Reduces stress to a minimum.

Feel happier and relaxed working a clean and organized environment.

Encourages cooperation among employees and promotes pride in your business.

Reduces complaints and disagreements.

     5.  Increase productivity

Navigating through dirty and cluttered office will slow people down, and makes it difficult to get things done.

A clean office will prevent fustration and keep employees focused on what really matters.

Office / Janitorial Cleaning

We are a husband and Wife Cleaning team. We personally will ensure the quality of our cleaning services. 

Our systematic way of cleaning gets the job done with the results you want, and reliability you can count on.  

When we say clean we mean top to bottom remediation of your office.

Window Cleaning

As a husband and wife cleaning team, we are attentive to details and will provide a professional, spot and streak free window cleaning. Again we personally clean so you will have consistant results. Get the right shine you want every time!

Get a Free Estimate

we are Bonded and Insured

Our Cleaning includes but is not limited to:

  • Clean and disinfect all bathrooms 

  • Clean and disinfect all surface areas, such as door knobs, phones, keyboard, desks, tables, sinks, light switches, etc.

  • We Dust all surface areas including tables, desks, monitors, lamps, computers, printers, baseboards, blinds, window seals, etc.

  • we clean all mirrors

  • vacuum and mop all floors

  • remove all trash

  • clean in and out of your microwave

  • Cleaning Materials are provided upon request

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